KONVERSI AGAMA PADA MASYARAKAT PERKOTAAN (Reshaping Pendidikan Muallaf di Lembaga Sosial YDSF Kota Surabaya)

  • Budi ichwayudi
  • Ahmad marzuki
  • Hasan Sayfullah


The issue of religious conversion is always interesting to explore and discuss from various points of view of human life. The search for the truth of God and Religion began from the time of Prophet Abraham until now, thus making people try to verify and typology about the various root causes of someone changing religions. YDSF which is a social institution in the city of Surabaya tries to formulate basic education for converts who want to convert to Islam, including education that is taught about monotheism or faith, fiqh or procedures for praying to Allah, and reading the Qur'an. by the rules. Knowledge of recitation, understanding the meaning contained in the Qur'an and practicing various lessons from the Qur'an. The findings in this study can be explained that there are actually several factors that can shape the concept of education taught to converts at YDSF, while these factors are (a) Teachers or Murobbi', (b) Friendship in Social Media (c) The environment of educational institutions (d) book sources that are used as educational references.

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Budi ichwayudi, Ahmad marzuki, and Hasan Sayfullah. “KONVERSI AGAMA PADA MASYARAKAT PERKOTAAN (Reshaping Pendidikan Muallaf Di Lembaga Sosial YDSF Kota Surabaya)”. Journal Multicultural of Islamic Education 4, no. 2 (July 31, 2021): 1-16. Accessed September 28, 2021. https://www.jurnal.yudharta.ac.id/v2/index.php/ims/article/view/2607.